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The main focus of Steven's coaching has been working with adults on a 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 basis. He has worked within longer term coaching relationships as well as individual one off's such as climbing assessments and developing training programmes.

Steven has instructed and coached in a number of adventure sports for many years and contributed to successes with individuals with learning difficulties to the very experienced. Although climbing is unique in many ways, he strongly believes that the answer to improvement always lies within the individual, irrespective of their level of ability; it is the job of the coach to act as a catalyst, to allow the individual to see and access the route to their goal.

Steven gets a tremendous amount of satisfaction helping others improve.

Personal Climbing Achievements:
  Sport Onsight: Ontono Jodorowsky - F7b - Rodellar
Sleepyhead - F7b - Castellet de Calp
  Sport Redpoint: Tirade - F7c+ - Los Pinos
Screamin Barfies - F7c - Segaria
Batacazo - F7c - Los Pinos
  Bouldering: Unknown - Font7a - Albarracin
  Competiton: Penon D'Ifach 12 hour climbing rally
Available For: 1-to-1 and 1-to-2 coaching
Personalised training programmes
Coaching Area: North West - Warrington - Cheshire
Climbing Walls: North West Face Warrington
Contact Details: Email:
Phone: 07801 036 623

Praise for Steve's coaching

"Steve has really helped me to identify my weaknesses and to train them properly to get real improvement. Previously I'd just wasted sessions training stuff I was already good at". G Barlow (F7a)

"Steven really broke things down and made me focus on my footwork and body position. I now concentrate on this during my warm up and feel much more confident when I am trying harder routes. It's amazing how such simple things can make such a difference". LAM (F6c)

"Steven is a very experienced and positive climber and is very informed about performance coaching techniques. I've found his coaching both fun and motivating and is generating real results for me.". L O’Brien (F7a)

"Steve has truly helped me see and understand the value of a carefully structured training plan. His advice was practical, easy to implement and invaluable in progressing my climbing to where I want to be. I highly recommend Steve to climbers of any level looking for effective & achievable ways to improve". C Newton-Gover'd, MIA