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Neil Gresham, Head Coach

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Training & coaching profile

Neil Gresham is widely regarded as Britain's leading climbing coach. He has over fifteen years of coaching experience and has also climbed 8b+ sport and E10 trad. He currently writes the popular 'Masterclass' column for Climb magazine and 'Ask the Coach' for Rock & Ice in the USA. He was the first British coach to offer personalised training programmes and to run masterclass sessions at climbing walls. He was also the first to run coaching holidays abroad and he produced the world's first technique and training DVDs: the infamous 'Masterclass series' Parts 1 & 2. His 1:1 and group sessions have helped climbers of all levels and ages to improve their standard both in the UK and overseas. Neil has worked with many of Britain's best climbers such as John Dunne, James Pearson, Leah Crane and Kitty Wallace and he is currently a coaching consultant for the British Competition Team.

Neil is head coach of the Masterclass Coaching Academy and is available for one to one and group coaching in London at The Westway. For more details and to book a session, please head over to the one to one coaching page on Climbing Masterclass for more details.

List of Neil's Coaching achievements

  • First regular training columnist for a British climbing magazine: 'OTE' 1993>95
  • Most experienced British climbing coach (started 1992)
  • First ever dedicated coaching holidays to Kalymnos in 2001, Sardinia & Fontainebleau.
  • First coaching course for climbing instructors at the Westway climbing centre in 2004
  • The only climbing coach to offer a dedicated internet training programme service.
  • Director of the first dedicated British DVD on training and performance climbing - 'Masterclass' Part 1 & 2.

Praise for Neil's coaching

'It goes without saying, that Neil is an excellent coach. He is obviously skilled and is amazingly enthusiastic, infectiously so, inspiring us to be the best we can. He is also fully committed to doing the best job he can. He actively seeks feedback from the group and acts on the feedback.'
- Gary Gerauld, Kalymnos (2005)

'relaxed yet professional coaching from Neil. It never seemed like he was working or doing a job.'
- Harvey, Fontainbleau (2003)

'Neil is an inspirational coach, and also really friendly and approachable.'
- Andy & Alison Cairns (2005)